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Mon - Fri: 08h00 - 17h00

Saturdays: Bookings only
please note : a courtesy vehicle available on bookings.

Sundays & Respective Holidays: Closed

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Auto Aircon Service & Repairs Specialists

 After 15 years of serving the public we are well known in the automotive air conditioning trade. We do installations for car dealerships and support other garages with a/c components.

 Our Blessed, friendly & trained staff are there to meet your every need. At our workshop we also do vehicle maintenance such as service, brakes, clutch and all mechanical repairs to any vehicle.

 We inject  uv florescent dye with every regas, when the vehicle return for a check up, leaks can be detected and the necessary repairs can be done on site.

We reconditionand remanufacture our own compressors. With in house repairs we reduce the cost of our customers a/c repairs. .


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Our company Name is well known  in the Westrand of Johannesburg for customer satisfaction and excellent service in the Automotive Air conditioning industry. We strive the give our clients the best affordable solution to get their vehicle’s Aircon system cooling at its full potential.

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